Open Day 2021

Fibre available in Warkworth

  • A fibre connection is now available to many consumers in Warkworth.
  • If you want to switch your internet to a faster fibre connection, talk to your your service provider about what deals they have on offer. The actual connection to fibre will be free, unless you are in an unusual situation. See
  • Check out other provider’s deals while you are at it to be sure you are being offered an efficient and competitive deal.
  • SeniorNet Warkworth will update to a fibre connection in the next few weeks, so expect even speedier internet when you attend any of our courses.

Seniornet Warkworth Apple Mobile Special Interest Group.

 This is for Apple iPad and iPhone users to attend and which aims to teach, learn and share the Apple experience between everyone. This group is a perfect extension to a course you might have done or as part of your ongoing self learning, come along and see if this group is right for you.

HELP & INFORMATION DESK: Fridays from 12.00 – 1.30pm.

Fridays 1200 noon to 1-30pm  

Information: an experienced volunteer can talk you through the set of courses, book you on a course and help you join.

Help: tutors will be available to help you with your phone, tablet, laptop or your desktop.  Please sign the register at the front desk and you will be dealt with sequentially and dependent upon the skills available that day.  For help there is a $5-00 contribution per person, against our costs. 

Our first Help and Information Session in 2020 will be  Friday 24 January at noon.

Group courses are available for beginners who have never used a computer and for those who would like to do a refresher course. 

Individual tuition is available in 2 hour blocks on many aspects of computing.

Getting Started with Computers

Using Windows 10

Organising Your Windows Computer
Word Processing using Microsoft Word or Libre Writer

Working with Pictures in Windows 10

Excel for Seniors

Presentations are held weekly during term time on Mondays at 1-30 pm to 3-30 pm on a variety of topics.
So come along : cost $5.00 to members, who are asked to wear their badges.

People interested in any workshop and in joining Warkworth SeniorNet are welcome to attend. Our Learning Centre is at 28 Neville St, Warkworth on the lower ground floor of the RSA .

Digital Scrapbooking

Genealogy and Legacy 9

Mobile Tablets and phones including Apple, Samsung, and other Android devices.


Power Point


Website Design