Excel for Seniors

All the information you need to use Excel with confidence is in this course.
Part 1 – In this 4 week course, you will learn how to navigate through a spreadsheet, enter data (words and numbers), use simple formulas and functions to add, subtract, multiply and divide, create lists of names and addresses and sort them into alphabetical order, and create charts to graphically represent your data.
Course fee – $30.00

Part 2 –In this 4 week course, you delve much deeper into formulas and functions, including the IF and NOW functions. You will investigate using absolute cell references, working with percentages and averages, and how to reference your data to other sheets. You will also be shown how to protect your data. Transferring information to a Word document, and importing data, maybe from a cheque account or contacts list, is also covered.
Course fee – $30.00

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