Making the most of your iPad / iPhone:

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Courses to be held on Thursdays  9 AM to 11 AM :   

The 2018 courses are now completed – check back in early 2019 for details of new courses available.

This 4 lesson course (2 hours per lesson) aims to give you confidence to use your Apple device more in
your everyday life. You will not only learn what the device can do but how to use the functionality in
many helpful ways.
The course is interactive and comes with comprehensive lesson notes and
exercises that you can continue to refer to long after the course has finished.
Similar topics are grouped over the 4 lessons. Here is what we cover: –
Lesson 1 – The physical device itself including all the buttons and the built-in
functions of the operating system.
Lesson 2 – Web browsing, the camera, managing photos and sharing
Lesson 3 – Communicating including email, Social Media, Contacts and
Organising your Life
Lesson 4 – Content including access to applications that suit your lifestyle and
Maintenance of your device.
In all lessons, tips and tricks will be offered to make using your device easier.
Participants will need to have a device already and will need to bring it along when attending lessons.
Course Fee – $30.00

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