Make a Website Introduction

A 6 lesson course of about 2 hours each, we use one of the leading Web Site Content Management Systems – WordPress with a theme OceanWp and the page builder Elementor.
A fully hosted, live student web site for you to work and practice on is provided. There is plenty assisted hands on. 
Find out what is and what the following do for you — ………………
a browser, a search engine, domain name, Uniform Resource Locator (url), hosting service, internet, the world wide web, ISP, DNS, WordPress, a theme, a page builder, the dashboard, plugins, widgets, pages, menus, landing page, customisation, images, galleries.
Each step is demonstrated to you. Then you do it, full hands on. Concluding in a simple website you have made; with pages, a menu, text, images, a gallery and links.
6 sessions – $60

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