Getting Started with Computers, for Beginners 

4 sessions – $30.00

The Mouse, the Start Menu , Shutting Down, Dragging and Dropping, Selecting, using Word Pad, Cutting, Copying and Pasting

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Using Windows 10 

4 sessions – $30.00

Essential for you to get the most from your new Windows 10 computer. Understand the  desktop, learn about the  Start Menu, and find out how to use those apps! 

Basic Skills using

Microsoft Word or Libre Writer

PART 1,  4 sessions – $30.00

Part 1: – Covers use of the Clipboard, Formatting, Tabs and Indents and Navigating through a Document, plus more.

Basic Skills using

Microsoft Word or Libre Writer

PART  2,  4 sessions – $30.00

Part 2: – Covers Auto Correct, Creating Folders, Borders and Shading, Creating a Certificate, plus more

Intermediate & Advanced Word Processing using Microsoft Word  

4 courses – $30.00 each

Complete one or all of the 4 courses that follow on from Essential Basic Computer Skills. This is for the student who wishes to increase their knowledge of Microsoft Word.

Working with Pictures in Windows 10

4 sessions – $30.00

All the skills you need to organise and sort your pictures:
Download them from your camera or portable device, or the internet.

Organising Your Windows Computer

  4 sessions – $30.00

Improve your control over the files on your computer. Instead of having pages of files to sort through, Learn how to organise them into folders.

Excel for Seniors Part 1 4 sessions – $30.00

All the information you need to use Excel with confidence is in this course.

Excel for Seniors Part 2   

4 sessions – $30.00

Delve much deeper into formulas and functions, including the IF and NOW functions

Individual Tuition

2 hour session – $10.00

For members who would like to upskill in a specific aspect of computing. 

To find a 2 hour session that is right for you contact us at

What about a special interest course