Do you use, know something about, or want to find out from a fellow member their experience with any of the following or any other music streaming service – Then come along on on Tuesday 10 September 2019, 1 to 3 PM and join in. 


Google play 







Slacker radio


Apple Music


Sirius XM


Sound Cloud

Amazon prime 




Special Interest Group ( SIG) : Tuesday 10 September 2019 with Media – Music streaming services

TV, radio, movies, home movies, recorded music, photos and books –

in the 21st century the computer revolution means that we are increasingly consuming them as “media”.

The days of broadcast television, paperback books, newspapers, photo albums, CDs and DVDs are dwindling, and soon everyone will obtain them by streaming through the internet.

It’s scary, but fear not, SeniorNet has the Media Group, an Interest Group that helps members understand smart TVs, TV on demand, streaming radio, streaming recorded music, digital books and newspapers, and photo sharing.

Roger Pittman will, each month, explain the topics, demonstrate the technology and discuss your questions.