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Chairman Brian Oakes, presented Judy Wane with a beautiful basket of flowers when making her a Life Member of the Society, during the Tutor Dinner at Warkworth RSA on 29 November 2022.

Help, Computer courses: One on One mini courses, recruiting a new Treasurer, speed up your Windows PC. 

AGM, recruiting a new Treasurer, SNAP feature Windows 10 and 11, Help days, One on One sessions.  

Recruiting a new Treasurer, Windows 11  21H2 , One on One sessions list, Mac  using pages -Tip 4

Recruiting a new Treasurer, Newly added  One on One sessions, de clutter your desktop,  Mac — adding graphics to your document.

“Understanding Gmail” Workshop, Monday 20th February1:30 to 3:30pm; Personal Security on Google, How to obtain notes from previous presentations.

AGM with pictures, link to the minutes, Windows 11 Task bar – features you should look at, ChatGPT – see full details in this weekly e mail.