special interest courses

Digital Photography 

Starting Tuesday 10 April , 1000 AM til 1200 noon.

4 sessions – $30

This course covers how to operate your camera, selecting the image before taking the shot, how to improve the image quality in-camera, understanding focus and exposure settings plus other camera techniques So whether you have a simple point and shoot camera or a DSLR with multiple lenses we can help you with understanding how they work and how to operate them.  

If you are interested please contact 

Wallace  Wild 

wallacewild5@gmail.com  to reserve a place.

Android Mobile Phones (Other than Samsung). Mondays  Feb 12 & 19, 11:30am to 1:30pm.  Ann Murphy and Alan Spicer, 2 sessions $20 

This is a beginners course that will cover basic phone functions:
Setting up your phone, phone calling, texting, emails, photos, using Google Maps, calendar, Facebook, keeping your phone updated.

Or phone now: Ann (09-425-5211) or Alan (09-422-2685) 

Making the most of your iPad / iPhone – 4 sessions – $30. Thursday 8 Feb  to 1 March. at 9 AM

You may have received a new Apple device for Christmas or it’s a New Year’s resolution to get more out of your investment in your existing device. 

Make a Website Introduction – 6  sessions $60.00. Mondays 5  February to 12 March. 1000 AM

We use WordPress with a theme OceanWp and the page builder Elementor. A fully hosted, live student web site for you to work and practice on is provided. There is plenty assisted hands on.  

Getting Started with Genealogy –4 sessions – $30. 0900 AM to 1100 AM 

Learn how to trace your ancestry using the records of Births, Deaths, and Marriage, Census and Electoral Rolls; Parish Records, Historic Newspapers.

Samsung Smartphones – 2 sessions – $15 . Wednesdays 7 and 14  February.   2 to 4 PM 

Google’s Android Operating System is said to power the majority of all tablets and phones. We offer a two lesson introduction to your Android Phone.

Samsung Tablets 
Wednesdays 7 to 28
March.   2 to 4 pm
4 sessions – $30.00

Android Tablets come in all shapes and sizes, with differing versions of Android, and different faces, so we confine these lessons to the Samsung brand. 

Introduction to Legacy  Genealogy Software

4 sessions – $30.00

Learn to use many of the features contained in this Award Winning FREE Software

Using Publisher 
4 sessions, 2 hours each – $30.00.  starts Tuesday 6 March : 2.30-4.30pm

Learn how to use Publisher, a user friendly, entry level graphic design programme. Create and snap to column, row and ruler guides and learn much more .

Photoshop Image Editing – Basic

4 sessions – $30.00

Bring out the best in your digital images to enhance and repair your photos, add and remove people or objects from a picture, even learn how to transform  black and white into coloured .

Google Photos
2 sessions – $15.00

A great way to back up and store your photos in the cloud. Available on a PC, Tablet or Smart phone keep your photos from all your devices in one place.

Photoshop Image Editing – Advanced

4 sessions – $30.00

This course follows on from the basic Photo editing course and explores many other features available in Photo Shop Elements.

Digital Scrapbooking

4 sessions – $30.00

 A fairly new form of scrapbooking which involves the use of a computer and graphics software to create stunning visual layouts of your photos.

Power Point

Thurdays, starting 22 Feb,         2-30pm, 2 hours 
4 sessions – $30.00

We will show you how to use PowerPoint to make stunning personal photo slide shows that can be played at parties. Bring those photos alive. 

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