Workshops — These are held at 2.30pm every Monday afternoon during Term time, excluding Public Holidays. Workshop subjects are many and varied, but all relate to some aspect of the world of computers. Some examples of Workshops from 2018 are:-

o Smart TV – what it is and how to use it.
o What to look for when buying a new computer
o How to use TradeMe
o Obtaining ebooks and magazines from the library
o Streaming Music – iTunes and Apple Music
o Using a Tablet overseas
o Google – more than just a search engine
o Organising files on your computer
o Password Management
o Creating Greeting Cards using Publisher
o Understanding your digital camera
o Downloading photos from camera/tablet/phone
o Picture Perfect – enhancing and editing photos
o Introduction to Genealogy
o Social Media – Facebook, Instagram etc.
o Using Skype, Facetime and Viba
o Introduction to Internet Radio
o Confidence with Online Banking
o Creating a Calendar
o Creating an Interactive Christmas letter

Next workshop Monday 4 February 2-30 pm. There is no need to book, just turn up – don’t forget to wear your name badge as proof of membership! Workshop fee - $5.00


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