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Monday 24 September 2018 at 2-30 pm, about 2 hours, $5 for members. Prospective members welcome. No need to book please just turn up 

Using Windows media player

Brian Oakes

The music world has now gone digital with people buying and downloading music directly off the internet in a small digital MP3 file format.  Thousands of songs can now be stored in a folder on a computer or flash drive

In this workshop we show you how to copy your CD collection to your computer using Windows Media Player, which is built right into Windows 10. Your CDs are copied along with the song titles as well as the album covers into Folders in your computer filing system. Windows Media Player allows you to view your Albums by name, Artist, Genre etc. You can set up playlists so you can play individual tracks off different albums from your favourite Artists and play all directly from your computer.
We will show you how to easily copy your CD collection to your computer to make a music library.

Make a CD of your favourite tracks or individual artist.
Copy your music collection to a flash drive for use in your car or other media device.
We will show you how to access your music collection directly from your smart TV so you can play music in the comfort of your lounge.
How about using your existing HiFI Sound system to play music direct from your computer we explain how to do this.

We will also show you other ways to play your music through other media devices.
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