Fridays 1200 noon to 1-30pm…. Information: an experienced volunteer can talk you through the courses, book you on a course and help you join.

Joining:   is easy, annual fee  $ 35 for a single member or $50 for a couple.  Read more. 

Help Sessions: are every Friday from 12.00 noon – 1.30pm.
Our technical team are available to assist members who have problems with their computer or mobile. Please bring sign ons, passwords, charger,  cables etc  which may be needed to help you. Members only, so remember to wear your membership name badge Session fee $5. 

One on one: 2hr sessions on a subject of your choice.  include :- What Is a Chromebook, How to Use It; Taking Pictures with Your Smartphone or Tablet; Using non-Samsung Android Phone; Social Networking – Facebook, Instagram; Buying & Selling Online; Sorting the Photos on Your Computer; Storing Files in the Cloud; Editing Your Pictures in Windows 10 or 11 Photo App; Inserting Pictures into a Document; Support with Using Your Apple Mac Computer; How to Find the Historical Records for Your Family; Smart TV – What It Is and How to Use It; What to Look for When Buying a New Computer; Fee: $20.00 per session   See the full list …

 Courses:   Various  courses are run in more depth. Included topics are Smartphones, Excel spread sheet, Word, Samsung Tablets, Making the most of your Mac, and more. See the full list, or come along to a Friday Help session for help enrolling. 

Course bookings and enquiries:- Fridays Help 1200 noon;    tel 09 425 9643 (9am to 5 pm );     e mail –   Contact us

Presentations : These are held at 1.30pm some Monday afternoons.
Subjects are  varied, but all relate to some aspect of the world of computers.

The weekly  e-letter includes any presentation for the coming week. 
These can also be found on our Website
No need to book, just turn up – don’t forget to wear your name badge as proof of membership!
Session fee – $5.00.  Click for past presentations examples.