Getting Started with an Apple Mac Computer:

This 4 lesson course, 2 hours per lesson, serves as an introduction to the basics of the Mac operating system – Mac OS. Included in this course is an explanation of the evolution of OS X as it has developed since its introduction in 2001 and the differences between the various updates – in particular from El Capitan to the latest Mac OS.
Topics covered include:
⦁ the mouse and keyboard
⦁ the Desktop, Menu bars, and Dock
⦁ the Finder and Finder windows
⦁ file and folder creation and management
⦁ System Preferences and customising your work
⦁ using applications
⦁ basic word processing and using the Internet
⦁ searching with the Mac (your computer and the Internet)
⦁ backing up and saving your work

By the end of this course you will have an understanding of the basic operating system for the Mac computer and be able to:

⦁ personalise and customise your Mac computer
⦁ use the applications and utilities which are built into the Mac computer and know how to source and use other applications from Apple and third party developers
⦁ browse the Internet
⦁ use email applications
⦁ navigate your Mac and find files quickly
⦁ perform advanced searches
⦁ manage external devices and removable media
⦁ backup your work    Course fee – $30.00

also note

⦁ Mac Workshops:

We intersperse Courses with 2 hour Workshops on a variety of topics of interest to Mac users.
In 2016 these included such items as:
⦁ Photos on the Mac
⦁ Audio file capture and editing
⦁ Video file capture and editing
⦁ Pages, Numbers and Keynote applications
⦁ Email
⦁ iTunes
⦁ Backing up your Mac

Workshop fee – $5.00

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