Mini Courses are a one to one, two hour sessions with a tutor on a subject of your choice. 

Courses are longer and in more detail.

Whether you have a desktop, laptop or mobile device or you are into Android, Windows or Apple,  there will be a course available that will ensure you obtain a full benefit from your device. You can join in the fun and learn how to  understand and use your portable device or computer, to search the internet, work with photographs, research your ancestry, maintain your computer, set up your own web-site, plus much much more. In small, friendly, and stress-free classes, or in a one to one session, you can gain the skills and confidence you need to get the most out of technology.

Course bookings and enquiries:- Fridays Help 1200 noon;    tel 09 425 9643 (9am to 5 pm );     e mail –   Contact us

One on One