Mini courses One-on-one: 2-hour session, on a subject of your choice. This personalised approach allows our tutors to tailor the course to your specific requirements and pitch their training to you. Topics are not limited to these listed below --

Mini courses

One-on-one, 2-hour session on a subject of your choice:

What Is a Chromebook and How to Use It

How to Use a non-Samsung Android Phone

Understanding your digital camera

Taking Pictures with Your Smartphone or Tablet

Downloading photos from camera, tablet, phone.

Sorting the Photos on Your Computer

Editing Your Pictures in Windows 10 or 11 Photo App

Enhancing and Editing photos 

Inserting Pictures into a Document

Social Networking – Facebook, Instagram.

Buying & Selling Online

How to Use TradeMe

Publishing a Newsletter

Support with Using Your Apple Mac Computer

Confidence with Online Banking

How to Find the Historical Records for Your Family

Introduction to Genealogy 

Technical Information and Support for Your Device

Smart TV – What It Is and How to Use It

What to Look for When Buying a New Computer

Introduction to Internet Radio 

Obtaining eBooks and Magazines from the Library

Streaming Music and Video

Using a Tablet When Travelling

Google – More Than Just a Search Engine

Organising Files on Your Computer

Storing Files in the Cloud

Password Management

Publishing a Newsletter

Creating a calendar

Publishing an  eNewsletter with MailChimp and GIMP

 Let us know what you want to do, and we will make every effort to arrange a tutor and a time with you. 

Fee: $20.00 per session

Course bookings and enquiries: Information Desk, Fridays 12-1.30pm and 09 425 9643 (9am to 5 pm ).  e mail –   Contact us   

Examples of previous mini courses run are:

  • Android phone basics
  • Using Zoom
  • How to use Dropbox
  • Tidying up the computer
  • Sorting photos
  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Publisher refresher
  • Gmail


  • Windows 11 miscellaneous
  • Genealogy and Legacy support
  • TradeMe & Warkworth Buy and Sell
  • Slow Laptop Technical support
  • Excel brush-up
  • Inserting pictures into a document
  • Photoshop upskilling
  • Google photos update