Do you need to get previous presentation notes - go to a help day 1200 noon to 1-30 pm Fridays

Well – now  isn’t that often the way – you see something you want to learn more about but the date or time is not convenient?   Or you now need to learn something about a topic which was presented just last month. Well – now you can obtain a copy of the presentation notes for most of the subjects covered in 2022.
Here’s how:- Turn up on a Friday Help session (12 noon),

  • Pay the presentation fee ($5 for 2022 presentations),
  • Tell us the Number or subject of the presentation you want,

And we will print out a copy of the notes for you to take away and study at your convenience.
2023 presentations will be available in the same way once they have been presented.
Here is the 2022 list:-

2023 list ..............................